About Us

architectural firm Arkitecture Studio is a leading architectural firm and a full-service home architectural design company located in the heart of Calicut City, Kerala. Since our establishment in 2010, we have been specializing in creating exquisite Victorian, Colonial, Mughal, Classic, Arabic, Traditional, and Contemporary luxury and modern-style home exteriors and interiors. Our team of expert architects, interior designers, and civil engineers, led by Architect Zainul Abid and Architectural Consultant Muhammed Shafi V, is dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions.

Our unique and distinct architectural style has garnered praise from numerous satisfied clients and customers across Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar, and Karnataka, serving as a testament to our quality works and sincere approach to projects. At Arkitecture Studio, we take pride in presenting eccentric and asymmetrical facades that exude individuality and personal expression, making your dream home truly unique.
Architectural Exterior Design

Architectural Exterior Design

Our team of architects and interior designers collaborates to optimize the functionality of your property by creating luxurious, elegant, and colonial or contemporary exteriors. We believe that architecture is a living organism, shaping the lives of our clients and users. Emotionally attached to each project, we invest ourselves fully, ensuring every detail is perfected before handing it over to our clients.
Interior design

Interior Design

With an architectural eye, Arkitecture Studio approaches interior design to enhance the composition and character of rooms. Our in-house professionals evaluate and improve every detail, ensuring a well-resolved balance between style and usability. From contemporary and Roman to classic style, our interior designs create artistically stimulating and fresh climates in Kerala home designs, providing new and interesting solutions for a vibrant living experience.

If you are looking for custom-designed luxury house plans, exquisite colonial home exteriors, or breathtaking luxury house interiors, Arkitecture Studio is your go-to architectural firm. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and stunning dream home designs that fulfill your every need and desire.

Join us on this architectural journey to discover the next level of style, quality, and beauty in home exteriors and interiors. At Arkitecture Studio, we're committed to making your architectural dreams come to life. Contact us today for all your architectural needs in Kerala style houses. Let's create something extraordinary together.