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Our Services
Arkitecture studio provides a comprehensive architectural and interior design service for residential and commercial properties. Our specialization is in Victorian, Colonial, Mughal, Classic ,Traditional and Contemporary concept of luxury and modern style home Exterior and Interior designing solutions. Our team of expert architects, interior designers and civil engineers are leaded by Architect Zainul abid and Architectural Consultant Muhammed Shafi v.Our constant goal is flawless service. Guided by your requests and routines, transform any property into a perfect living space. Above all, our designs are guided by your needs, your wishes and our expert interpretation of your lifestyle. Arkitecture studio begins and ends every project by aligning plans for your living environment with your way of life. We never impose our ideas, instead preferring to observe and enquire about what matters to you most – anything from your workday routines through to your domestic dreams. Our timeless designs, carefully crafted and beautifully detailed layered design methodology ensures that the space we create is never a museum piece; rather it is ready to accept adaptation and assume the inimitable patina of your personality. Our timeless designs, carefully crafted and beautifully detailed architectural designs, have made us leading architectural interior and exterior consulting firms in calicut, kerala.
Architectural exterior Design Arkitecture studio’s team of architects and interior designers collaborate to focus on improving the functionality of your property by optimizing the space Arkitecture Studio have a unique and distinct style, and are a must see for those looking for a fresh and original take on new kerala home designs. Cleverly created by our expert designers, Arkitecture Studio home showcases the next level in style, quality, beautiful home interior and exterior designing.
Colonial Architectural Style Various architectural designs borrow elements from different cultures and have developed strong regional styles influenced by a diversity of climates. Classic style homes, Victorian style house, Colonial Style Homes, Roman architecture etc , architecture is a term used to refer to buildings from the classical period of European history, spanning the rise of Greece into a major cultural power and ending with the collapse of the Roman empire. Our architects are influenced by the styles and themes of classical architecture, and they revived these themes in the architectural style known as classic or colonial style architecture.
Contemporary Architectural Style Contemporary design homes, sometimes called luxury modern style homes, deliberately breaks all the rules. Contemporary house design integrates a wide number of style features, melding historic elements with current lifestyle concepts, resulting in homes that are warm, inviting and connected with the outdoors. Familiar materials such as rough-cut stone may be composed into sleek, curved walls. Metals typically make a strong appearance in this style. Steel and glass may be fashioned into shapes commonly associated with older homes, such as tall gable walls. Large panels of uninterrupted glass are balanced with distinctive accents—round windows, glass curved to match a corner, and small groupings of jalousie windows.
Traditional Architecture Style Our traditional Kerala style home designs with their sloping roofs laid with pattern roof tiles and plastered walls rendering a feeling of timelessness leading homes, one of Kerala’s leading architects of modern luxury homes. A perfect harmony of interiors and landscapes is achieved with a selection of vibrant colors and themes. If you are searching for a Kerala style homes to work in a traditional inspired architectural project, we can help. Arkitecture studio specializes in Kerala style interior and exterior design, and teams up with both occidental and Kerala architecture .We provide a convenient service for clients looking for a comprehensive solution.
Interior design Arkitecture studio approaches interior design with an architectural eye. We maintain this essential professional capability in-house so we may evaluate and improve fundamentals of your property and, if necessary, the outside which surrounds it. Working to your requirements we can effect simple or significant alteration that enhance the composition and character of rooms, resolve flaws in the original construction, and increase market value. At every stage from the ground up, Arkitecture studio take great care to to provide exceptional architectural services for house designs in Kerala and learn every detail of your requirements so we may delivers a truly personal service. We take an intelligent and considerate approach to design those results in a well-resolved balance between style and usability. The beauty of good design is found in the way something functions as well as in how it captures the eye. Contemporary style interior , roman style interior ,colonial style interior and classic style interior design creates artistically stimulating, fresh climate. New, interesting solutions are spreading mental stimulation and vibrancy.